Thompson Square, an award-winning duo, is becoming one of country music’s most sought after acts and ChildFund International’s most prominent advocates to children.

Keifer and Shawna Thomson teamed up with each other one year ago ChildFund’s LIVE!Channel is an initiative that encourages artists to help raise awareness about how sponsorship can benefit children living in extreme poverty. The husband and wife performer ask their fans to sponsor children at their concerts. “celebrity”This will make it possible to reduce the number of children who are without safe water, nutrition and access to healthcare.

Shawna and Keifer sponsor a child and traveled to meet him earlier in the year. Emerson, four years old, lives in a small, rural Honduran village. It is about two hours drive from the capital, and takes you through rough roads that wind through lush green mountains. His family welcomed them into their home with open arms.

Shawna and Keifer were amazed by Emerson’s happiness and their family’s despite having few possessions. They were “totally changed”The experience of witnessing people who have so little but still have so much love, joy and hope. Shawna said that it was an amazing experience. “definitely makes you realize what is important in life, and it’s pretty obvious that it’s family.”

Shawna and Keifer also had the opportunity to view ChildFund’s programs. The children were welcomed warmly at the school by Shawna and Keifer. They also observed youth taking part in ChildFund programs to improve their self-esteem and leadership skills.

The duo also used the opportunity to record a video of their support for LIVE! artist using their most popular song “Glass”The soundtrack. This heartwarming video, which is dedicated to the children that they met in Honduras, will be shown at their concerts in order to spread the word about sponsorship and to share their experiences in Honduras. It will also inspire others to sponsor children.

Many ChildFund sponsors, celebrities or not, are more grateful for the opportunity to sponsor children. While most ChildFund sponsor can’t travel to Honduras or any other country, Shawna and Keifer are sharing their appreciation. Sponsorships of $28 per month give children a fighting chance of survival and growth. But it also gives sponsors a fresh outlook on life that money and fame cannot buy.