People often find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to digital music storage. Many people end up stuck in this situation. “i-opoly”This is the monopoly-style Apple iTunes hold on digital music — in the digital-media realm. Even worse, users discover that their digital music usage is limited to certain devices depending on their operating systems.

This is no longer the case.

The “cloud”The world of digital music has been opened up by movement. Being able to store all of your digital files in one location “virtual”Location was the first step. Accessing and playing these files on different devices with different operating systems is the second step. According to a Wall Street Journal article, around 73 percent of iPad users have another type or mobile phone than an iPhone. MyMusicCloud could be the company that achieves this feat.

MyMusicCloud extends the simplicity of enjoying your treasured music collection stored on Dropbox by allowing you to hear it anywhere you go on any mobile device, tablet or PC,”TriPlay CEO Tamir Koch “Additionally, MyMusicCloud provides an incredible user experience via a music player interface displaying users’ playlists, albums, artists and tracks.”

Cloud music services such as those offered by Google, Amazon, Google, and Apple suggest that streaming digital music can be made an everyday feature for mobile devices. But they often do not cooperate across devices or operating systems. A second problem is the loss of service if there is no signal. MyMusicCloud offers an interface that works across all operating systems and can continue playing even if there is no internet connection. Even better, users can simply pause their device, and then resume listening to what they have been listening to on another device. Blackberry compatibility problems are gone.

“BlackBerry users should be able to simply enjoy their music collections on their devices of choice without having to be concerned with the technical complexity associated with getting those devices to talk with each other,” says Koch.

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