Although digital downloads and compact discs have quickly replaced the music industry, there’s still a place for the old-fashioned vinyl record.

Many record shops across the country report still strong sales of music in vinyl format. This is a good thing. There’s no analog equivalent for many people who grew-up listening to music in record format. “warm”the best sound quality a record can offer. However, for people who own a lot of classic albums, it can be very troublesome to drag out an old record player to recreate past music experiences.

Importantly, it has been difficult to record music from an old record onto a portable digital format like a CD. Consumers have been able for some time to record their favorite music via radio or cassette tapes to CDs. However, the technology necessary to bring those old records up-to-date to digital standards has been severely lacking. New technology has opened up a new path to the future. FirstSTREET’s LP Saver Phono CD Recorder is an audio player that can record CDs, cassettes, and albums.

The LP Saver PhonoCD Recorder allows audiophiles to bring their Beatles albums into the digital age. Advanced technology allows vinyl records to be copied onto a blank and re-writable compact disk – all without the need for a computer. The unique sound quality of a record is preserved in an easy-to carry format that can be played on any CD-player. All of this technology comes in a retro-style cabinet design that blends in with any room in your home.

Modern technology is not only moving faster than you can blink but also helping to bridge the gap between music’s humble beginnings, and its digital future. Visit this page for more information about the LP Saver Phono CD Recorder. www.FirstStreetOnline.comCall (866) 681-7107