Most women find it frustrating to get on the scale each morning. They have eaten well and worked out for hours, but the scale still moves in the same place with very little fluctuation.

Experts say that while age, genes, and metabolism all play a role in women losing weight, there may be more. Bloating, which is the general swelling of the abdominal region, affects 72 million American women. Bloating can cause women to feel full around their stomach and may even lead to weight gain.

One company does its best to assist women in losing weight.

“Bloating can cause a temporary weight gain of five to eight pounds,”Gina Broccolo is co-founder of Integrity Health Products, and the developer of Beat the Bloat. This all-natural supplement combats bloating. “It is its own beast, and nothing can kill a woman’s confidence like feeling bloated.”

Beat the Bloat uses dandelion leaves, green tea and peppermint leaf to relieve bloating and improve digestion.

Experts suggest these methods to combat bloating:

Eight glasses of water daily is recommended. Bloating is caused by water retention. Remaining hydrated can help avoid water retention.

– Avoid certain foods. Bloating is a condition in which the body cannot digest certain foods. Wheat, dairy, beans and cauliflower are all common culprits. Avoid fatty foods as they take longer to digest and can cause bloating.

Take a stroll. Walking for a short distance after eating can increase metabolism and aid digestion.

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