Since hip-hop began as a basement jam and Bronx block party, it has experienced fame and infamy in the late 1970s through the early ’90s. It has also fallen from grace in recent years and all points in between.

Rap isn’t dead, however.

You need only look at artists like DMXThe Beastie Boys and Jay-Z are two examples of hip hop that is experiencing a revival.

It is worth noting that the Beastie Boys were recently inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and X, 40, was released nearly one year ago after a stint in Arizona prison. He is releasing his seventh studio album.

Jake Shapiro, the COO of Big Jake Music in Los Angeles is a testament that hip-hop may have originated in the ’70s, but it is still relevant today.

“Artists, like X, are hip-hop’s most beloved and influential people,”Shapiro. “He embodies everything that is hip-hop — an amalgam of barking and rhyming in loud bursts of manic … energy.”

Born Earl Simmons in December 1970, DMX was signed by a subsidiary of Columbia Records at the age of 22 and has enjoyed almost two decades of honors and accolades, including multi-platinum-selling records, and being the only artist in Billboard history to reach number one with five consecutive albums.

His supporters don’t want to let him down, despite the legal and drug issues that have plagued him for the past decade.

“We’re thrilled to be working with DMX,”Shapiro.”His fan base continues to support him, and he is still clearly able to produce good music. We believe that great things will come from our partnership.”

DMX released the singles with the support of Seven Arts Music, his new record label. “Already,” “I Don’t Dance,”Machine Gun Kelly is featured — both have received a lot of radio play before the actual album was released.

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