()DigiTrax Entertainment is a pioneering music technology company using artificial intelligence in the music industry. DigiTrax Entertainment was selected as semi-finalist in Atlanta’s Association of Chinese Professionals and US China Innovation Alliance’s InnoSTARS competition.

InnoSTARS Competition offers an opportunity for innovative US companies to meet potential partners and investors from China through the InnoSTARS Competition.

Semi-finalists will have the chance to meet with regional Chinese technology hubs, gain valuable global perspective, and get feedback about their products.

DigiTrax Entertainment CEO Joseph Vangieri, and CTO Marcus Matusiak presented the winning presentation at InnoSTARS competition. This gave DigiTrax the unique opportunity to travel to China in 2018, which was won by DigiTrax.

The DigiTrax team will present DigiTrax to potential investors in areas such as artificial intelligence and music production and creation.

InnoSTARS participants will travel to 19 Chinese cities where there is a strong business climate that promotes innovation and technology.

“That the Association of Chinese Professionals of Atlanta and the US China Innovation Alliance have honored DigiTrax with this win represents an important step forward for us,”According to Mr. Vangieri.

China offers the opportunity for the company to increase its investor pool and to explain how it operates. “its unique approach to artificial intelligence in the music field is both effective and potentially highly lucrative,”According to Mr. Vangieri.

Digitrax’s SeedInvest portal is available to accredited investors who want more information about the company. https://goo.gl/o7u61w.

DigiTrax’s unique use of artificial intelligence is what sets it apart. It simultaneously addresses the three major problems facing the music production industry: money, time, and personnel.

Music Builder, DigiTrax’s flagship musical technology platform allows users to create, edit, and distribute music quickly and economically without the need of a large team of production professionals.

DigiTrax is also powered by AI technology that allows musicians to compare songs and parts of songs, in order to determine if the original work was copied.

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, the company holds seven patents in machine learning and music artificial intelligence. It also has a large catalog of musical content.

For more information, please visit themusicbuilder.com.