Parents should ask the right questions as children get ready for softball, baseball, and t-ball. “Do you have your glove, your bat, your baseball?”However, many parents overlook protective eyewear.

Your child’s safety is paramount. An estimated 40,000 people sustain eye injuries each year in sport and recreation. The majority of these injuries happen in athletes below 25 years of age. Protective eyewear can help prevent 90% of these injuries.

Baseball, America’s favorite pastime is the leading cause of sports-related injury to children under 14. What is the most common eye injury? A ball being thrown at the eye. Softball, hockey, field hockey, and football are also known for inflicting eye injuries.

American Optometric Association (AOA), urges parents to make sure their children wear protective eyewear when playing sports. AOA warns that ordinary lenses and frames are not sufficient to withstand impact in many sports. A small collision can lead to a serious injury that could endanger your sight.

These are the AOA’s safety tips for sports:

– Get your child’s eyes checked. A comprehensive eye exam can identify vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and other issues that may hinder performance or lead to injury.

Ensure your child wears certified protective eyewear to protect them from injury and UV radiation. All sports-related eyewear must meet strict standards. Some have been independently verified, and have earned the AOA Seal Of Acceptance.

Set an example. Eye injuries can also happen to adults. When participating in recreational or competitive sports, don’t forget your protective eyewear.

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