Sinus pain can be a constant problem for allergy sufferers. Sinus pain can make it difficult for people to concentrate and allow them to enjoy the outdoors. As annoying as the sinus pain can be, side effects from some allergy prescription and over-the counter medications can also cause severe side effects. Tivic Health, an electronic device company, created a simple handheld device to alleviate allergy-related pain. ClearUP Sinus Pain Relief is a handheld device that runs on a lithium rechargeable battery. It can be used at work, home, and while traveling.

ClearUP is a handheld device that delivers low-level electrical stimulation or microcurrent through the skin. This helps to relieve pain and calm sinus nerves.

The sinus nerves below the skin are affected by the electrical stimulation. This can help reduce the pain. However, the swollen sinus tissue could also be the source of the discomfort and pain.

ClearUP can be applied to the cheeks, nose and under the eyebrow bones. ClearUP uses a vibration system to guide the user to the best treatment points. Each session lasts approximately five minutes and can also be done as often as necessary throughout the day. According to company research, sinus pain relief can last as long as six hours.

“ClearUP is a game-changer for allergy sufferers who have tried and failed to improve their allergy-related sinus symptoms with other methods or for those who simply want to avoid drugs, and chemical side effects,”Dr. Subinoy Die, chief medical officer of Tivic Health.

Tivic Health’s clinical research shows that “three out of four patients reduce their sinus pain in less than five minutes and so I’m very excited to use this device on my patients,”Dr. Das explains it in a video posted on the company’s site.

ClearUP was found to be significantly less painful than other methods of relieving sinus pain in allergy sufferers, according to a Tivic Health post-market study. ClearUP users reported significant relief over the course of four weeks.

ClearUP has been FDA approved for over-the counter purchase. It is also eligible for Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts.

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