Father’s Day is the perfect day to be the most thoughtful gift-giver. Mother’s Day presents are simple and reliable. They include perfume, Godiva chocolates, dinner, flowers, or a gift card for a massage. However, dads seem to always get the short end of their stick.

“This is the time you can indulge Dad and get him those things he’s ogled, but hasn’t gone to buy on his own,”Byon Penn is a manager at Jerry’s Home Improvement Center, Eugene, Ore. “But the ole, traditional necktie doesn’t quite cut it these days.”

Eric Garland, father of two children, is in agreement.

“There’s less of an emotional hoopla around Father’s Day traditionally, because men were considered more self-reliant,”Garland spoke with USA Today during an interview. “We don’t expect a lot, frankly. We don’t ask for it ? that goes to the image of men as the strong, silent provider who don’t need the open emotional support and affirmation of even those who are closest to them, which are their families. But I think that’s changing.”

Here are some tips to help you find the perfect gift that will suit your man.

* The Stylish Dad. A bottle of his favorite Scotch, some cufflinks made from the wood of his favorite baseball park, or if you must get a tie, perhaps a silk tie from Brioni or Turn-bull & Asser will be sure to please.

* The Tobacco-Loving Dad. For the gentleman who enjoys a good cigarette, he can choose to smoke pipes or cigars.

Consider accessories like a portable spatula for dads who want to indulge in smokingless tobacco. FLASRwww.flasr.comAtlanta-based company,, produces tobacco accessories. This spittoon is ideal for everyday use as well as hunting, fishing, and any other outdoor sporting or leisure events. FLASRReusable spittoons come with the Thumb-Lok Twist Cap, which allows for easy one-handed use. This unique mechanism seals it securely when not in use. This eliminates spillage and leakage problems often associated with cups or bottles.

* The Outdoor Dad. For those who are masters of the grill, barbecues make a great gift. Any hobby- or leisure-related gift, such as a tacklebox or digital fishing scale, or a 10-in-1 tool that can saw tree limbs and open a bottle wine for the outdoorsman, are great ideas.