Because the holiday season can often take over our lives, even the best desserts at the table won’t be able to remove the stress from the season. You can find peace of mind when you follow these steps to fully enjoy the holidays. “SOS”-; Simplify and Organize.

“Don’t wait until the season is half over to decorate, plan a party, shop for gifts or send out greetings. Starting early allows you to enjoy the season longer and spend more time creating traditions and memories instead of havoc,”Molly Gold, Go! Molly Gold, Go! “Time Makeover”series.

You can start by setting aside an afternoon for family work. Each member will be responsible for decorating the halls.

These holiday tips will help you incorporate SOS into your holiday season plans.

* Whittle down and personalize your holiday greetings mailing list. Keep it small and personal.

* Instead of handwriting addresses for holiday greetings, input contact information into your computer, and print out labels. This list is useful for all occasions and will last many years.

* When entertaining, simplify your menu. Preparing dishes ahead of time is a good idea. Local caterers and restaurants can bring the party to life if you are not a good cook. It will save you time and frustration.

* Keep your pantry stocked and your guest room tidy. You never know who might be coming.

* For gift giving, consider drawing names out of a hat for extended family members so you’re buying only one gift instead of several. Many families give gifts to charities rather than to one another.

* Rather than letting thank-you note reminders gather dust, write quick, yet thoughtful, notes as soon as you receive gifts or attend parties.

* Charge your cameras and recorders, so you can capture special holiday moments forever. You can also visit this website for other time-management tips.