– “People are looking for magic in their lives and to experience something that stays with them forever,”Helen Marriage, Artichoke’s director, is one of the creators and producers of the Lumiere London festival.

“People respond to light in a special way,”Marriage is not over. “and in the middle of winter, when night falls early, it’s just so wonderful and uplifting.”

Lumiere London will illuminate London’s landmarks and streets in January 2018.

Lumiere last lit up London back in 2016, when millions visited the city and interacted with the art installations. The festival will return to London in January with a bolder and bigger presence than ever before.

Over 40 artists from around the world will create a cityscape that transforms into a large, nocturnal space for exhibitions. This will provide new perspectives on London’s historic architecture and landmarks, as well as beautiful, thought-provoking artworks.

Westminster Abbey, a landmark in London that has been home to every British monarchy coronation since 1066, and 16 royal weddings, is expected to be one of the festival’s key locations.

Patrice Warrener, a French digital artist, will lighten it. Patrice Warrener is known for creating The Light of the Spirit II for Westminster Abbey. It was one of the most popular installations at the Lumiere London 2016.

Other installations include Love, a Matisse-inspired animation of 2 paper-cut characters who dance to a bespoke music at the Royal Academy of Arts. Interactive illuminated singing seesaws at Mayfair. At Kings Cross, an immersive piece that envisions a world underwater.

The artists will create unique light installations for each building in London. This will transform the capital into an open-air gallery. Lumiere London is not just about the art. It’s also about people sharing public space with the city and re-discovering it.

“Lumiere London offers the chance for visitors and Londoners alike to see the city in a totally new light, explore new areas, and see a familiar city in different ways,” says Helen Marriage.

“Our mission from the start,”Marriage is not over “was to make great art accessible to everyone and to bring back the joy of experiencing it. Lumiere London is about reclaiming the streets and bringing a new dimension to the daily life of our city.”

Lumiere London will be held in London on four nights from 18 to 21 January 2018. It will be held at several locations throughout the city: Mayfair and Westminster, Piccadilly and St James’s, Fitzrovia, Kings Cross, Westminster, Piccadilly and St James’s.

See the following to learn more about the festival, and to plan your London trip: https://www.visitlondon.com/lumiere#7kk8D0owMHHw6OqU.97