Did economic news make you feel blue? A little color can help. It doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dreams of a colorful home. With a little imagination and spray paint, it’s possible to still love color without spending a lot of money or making a huge investment.

Spray paint is popular among DIYers due to its ease-of-use and smooth application. Krylon’s unique 360-degree dial spray tip makes it easier and faster to spray in difficult-to-reach areas without drips or runs. Spray paint can be used to make simple fixes around your home or yard.

A punch of color can improve curb appeal by brightening architectural details like shutters and garden gates. Indoors, strategically using color can make bargain finds and attic treasures look fresh. This includes tables and headboards, picture frames, and wicker baskets.

“The key color drivers this year are the economy, nature and fashion,”Donna Schroeder, who creates color palettes to support Krylon spray-paint brand. “Neutral colors are always popular during economic downturns, but today’s more educated consumer loves color and seeks shades that are enchanting and beautiful, honest and natural.”

Research has shown that color affects mood. Magical colors are believed to infuse energy, counter depression, and satisfy a real need for beauty, art, culture,, and culture in life. Krylon’s Indoor/Outdoor Color Palette includes Rich Plum, Jade, Raspberry, and Hyacinth — beautiful floral hues that create a dream-like atmosphere.

“At the same time, the green movement is in everyone’s consciousness, so consumers are exploring natural, honest colors and textures,” Schroeder says. Pebble and Pistachio are two colors that can be used to refresh and repurpose a home in soothing tones inspired by nature.

Schroeder recommends adding color to your home with accessories such as pillows, throws, and flower arrangements. The Krylon website has great ideas and helpful home-improvement tips. www.krylon.com.