Americans are learning that Christmas isn’t about buying too many disposable gifts. We are instead choosing to invest in meaningful gifts that will last forever and have emotional value.

These tips will make you and your loved ones feel extra special during this holiday season.

Give the gift of an experience. You don’t need to buy cheap gifts that can be forgotten quickly. Organise a memorable outing for your loved one that will bring you closer. Plan a trip. You can make it as extravagant as a European tour or as simple as a visit to a local museum. As an extra gift, frame the photos taken during your trip so that everyone can remember it.

Buy heirloom-quality jewelry. Consider jewelry that won’t tarnish or fade easily when worn daily. Jewelry that lasts a lifetime is a good choice. You can pass on your investment to generations by purchasing pieces made in platinum.

Platinum’s strength is ideal for secure stones and creating unique pieces. Designer, Jewelry By Gail twists and stretches platinum to create intricate details unattainable with other metals. Erica Courtney uses platinum as it has no tint and its natural white color does not cast any shadows on her vibrant gemstones.

Hollywood’s stars are fondly aware of platinum’s value. “When Shiloh Jolie-Pitt turned three, Brad Pitt gave his daughter two platinum and diamond necklaces,”Michael O’Connor, a style and jewelry expert. “And anyone can give the gift of platinum because it comes in a wide variety of price points, starting

at a few hundred dollars from Affordable platinum pieces include stud earrings, cuff links and pendants,”O’Connor adds

Gifts should convey your affection. A gift of homemade food can show that you are more than willing to spend the time and effort in making your loved ones happy. You can make someone smile by giving them a thoughtful gift. A scrapbook could be created with photos and memorabilia of the times you have shared.

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