Teenagers might request designer jeans, iGadgets or gaming systems for the holidays. If your teenager is a driver, the holidays are a chance to prepare him or her for safe driving.

Bridgestone Firestone’s experts recommend these gifts for teenage drivers:

– Buy new tires. Slippery roads can be intimidating for new drivers so give the gift to confidence with all-season tires. Winter tires are recommended for areas that have snow or ice.

– Driver’s education. Even though your teenager might be done with driver’s ed now, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t continue their education. Many programs offer hands-on winter-weather or defensive-driving classes that can help your teenager learn safer driving habits.

Driver’s Edge is a half-day free training program that teaches teens how to drive. “know their limits.”Parallel parking is dead. Your teen will learn how to skid control, panic brake and other maneuvers from race car drivers. The program is based out of Las Vegas and runs all year, except January. It may also be available mobile from March to October. You can check out www.driversedge.orgTo learn more, sign up for the notification list.

– Tire pressure gauge. Your teen’s tires will be at the right pressure to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce tread wear. You can also find other safety tips here www.tiresafety.com.

– An emergency kit. Every vehicle should be equipped with a roadside assistance kit. Make one for your teenager. Make sure to include jumper cables and road flares as well as a first aid kit. You can also add useful extras such a pre-paid phone, cash, a flashlight with extra batteries, and a tool set that includes bottled water and cash.

– Video camera. YouTube is not required to help you choose a video camera for your teenager. You can choose a tapeless model, with either an internal flash memory or an internal hard drive. The Bridgestone Firestone Safety Scholars program could grant him a $5,000 college scholarship because of his camera. Ask your teenager Tarantino about the Bridgestone Firestone Safety Scholars program. www.safetyscholars.comOnce he is done filming, “The Weekend My Parents Were Away.”As this program grows, you will see new safety initiatives. You can find more details on the website.