Broncos, bears, and lions! This is the time of the year when wives stockpile reading material and husbands start salivating over the remote. The NFL’s football season has arrived. It’s easier than ever to stay on top of your favorite team’s win/loss percentage and injury updates thanks to the latest technology.

These tech tips will help you score a tech-savvy touchdown in football this season.

* Go High-Def: With twice the linear resolution of standard-definition, High-Definition television is the perfect system to enjoy every crunching hit and replay-worthy touchdown dance of your team’s home and away games. Without the High-Def service your HDTV would be just another version of the regular model. DISH Network’s top-rated national HD channel lineup – including ESPN in HD and NFL Network – provides the perfect broadcast to complement your High-Def TV.

* Loving the laptop: Everyone needs a lightweight laptop for information -; especially football information. Wireless technology allows football fans to relax in their La-Z-Boy laptop while staying up-to-date with the latest football news.

* Replays galore: Have a hot date that requires you to miss that pivotal season-ending match-up? DVRs like DISH Network ViP722 record 55 hours HD football and 350 hours SD. You can also use one-touch replay or pause to access the entire thing.

* Live out your fantasy: Don’t just be a spectator -; get in the game with a fantasy football league! You can create a fantasy football league with your friends. Your favorite players can also compete online, even though they are playing on the same field.

* Get in on blogging: Still don’t have enough windows open on your laptop? Follow NFL live blogs to keep up with the latest news! You want to see how your favorite player is doing or how you compare against your fantasy team friend? Follow the live blogs to get more information on the pigskin.

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