Although boat ownership is not the most exciting, having the right insurance can make it easier.

Boat owners need to be familiar with the basics of various types of insurance, as well as review their current plans and ensure they have the right one for them.

Here are some key areas to be aware of this season’s coverage:

Know your way around salvage. While no one wants to lose a boat or be without it, salvage should not be considered part of your insurance.

The Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) states that some boat insurance companies will deduct the cost of salvage from the boat’s insured value. Owners receive less money for repairs and less money back if their boat is totaled. You should look for a policy that provides salvage coverage, which is separate from the hull-value coverage.

– Consequential worries. Boat insurance is complicated in the area of consequential damage. BoatUS data shows that approximately half of all sinkings are caused by the boat being docked. A small portion below the waterline can fail, which is often due to wear, corrosion, or poor maintenance.

Although an insurance policy might not cover the part that is failing, it will ensure that it covers the other parts. “consequential damage,”These include major repairs and the cost to replace the boat if the part fails.

In general, this coverage does not cover consequential damage for total or major losses. For example, it is common to include immediate consequential damages resulting from sinking, fire or explosion, devasting, collision, or stranding.

– Rescue review. You should understand the differences between different types of on-water assistance.

Ask your insurance company if they offer a towing service if you only have one boat. BoatUS is one example of a company that has its own towing fleet. Your insurance company should ask the following questions: Who provides towing services, if not their own fleet of vehicles? Are there 24 hour service? Is it possible to get reimbursement without having to pay out of pocket?

You can find more tips and information on optimizing your boat-insurance policy at quotes or call the marine insurance specialists at 800-283-2883 for more information.