Nature is the best entertainment for children. Many children love going on nature walks or visiting zoos and aquariums. Parents can also rest assured that these trips have educational benefits.

Why should parents ensure their children are exposed to the natural world? Take a look at the following:

Studies have shown that children who have more access to nature are less likely be to suffer from depression or stress and they are also less likely to become obese. The ability to spend time in nature with their families may increase children’s attention spans and make them more effective learners.

– Children become more interested in the world outside when they are able to see nature. According to one study, eight-year olds are more able to identify cartoon characters than wild animals.

Children can experience wildlife firsthand and can understand why conservation matters.

Children can view wildlife close up regardless of where they live or go on vacation. For example, take sea turtles. According to Oceana, an international organization focusing on ocean conservation, six species of sea Turtles live in the United States. They are all at risk of extinction.

Sea turtles, unlike other ocean creatures which require scuba gear to view, are easy to access. Sea turtles can be seen in aquariums for children in countries that don’t have access to them, and in wild areas.

Moonlit nature walks are offered by some national parks and states. Children can observe female sea turtles laying their eggs on the beaches. Children can approach wild sea turtles within a few feet of them if they are supervised by a ranger. Wild sea turtles can be seen swimming in places like Florida, Texas, and Hawaii. Sea turtles are more appealing to people of all ages once they have been up close and personal.

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