Millions of children and parents are again hitting the stores to shop for back-to school supplies. This season is full of long lines and lengthy receipts. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), an average person spent approximately $603 on all things school-related, including apparel and shoes.

NRF also refers to a BIGinsight survey that showed 80.4 percent of parents with children aged school age believe the economy will have an impact on their spending plans for this year. Parents need to find ways to save money. back-to-school spendingAlthough it can be hard to see the positive impact on your wallet, there are simple and easy ways to make it easier.

Make a list about what you actually require

Combine the school supplies lists of your children. This includes classroom supplies, gym clothes, and extracurricular items. Next, make a list of all the equipment that is still usable from last year. This includes pencils, highlighters and erasers as well as pencils, pencils, highlighters and erasers.

There are many ways to save money on school supplies. The key is to choose the best way for you. You can shop online or take advantage of the post-back to school clearance. “off-season”Sales, knowing where to find deals and what you need will save you money.

Share the wealth

Once you have created a plan, you can share it with your children. It is important to learn about money and budgeting. Use the shopping and back-to school experience to help your child start their financial education.

Although school teachers are responsible for teaching children math, science and history, financial literacy is not an obligatory subject in every state.

TD Bank and other companies offer financial literacy classes for free in schools or online. WOW!Zone at TD Bank ( courses, games, and curriculum guides for parents and teachers to financial literacy lessons in grades K-12 are available at )

Talking to your children about financial planning and budgeting, in conjunction with the WOW!Zone, can help them not only understand why money is important but also show them how to set themselves up for financial success.

Matt Chevalier is Senior Vice President, Retail Sales Strategy Group for TD Bank and manages the company’s Retail Sales Metrics and Reporting, Fee Business Growth Support, Retail Sales Programs and Sales Planning & Execution team.