Family dinners are not the same as they were in the past. There are football games on the TV and parents need to remind their children to switch off their phones and to stop checking their email.

The internet has radically changed the dynamics of family relationships across the country. The family structure isn’t the same. Communication has been irrevocably altered. Family time doesn’t look as it once did.

The Company Store is celebrating its 100th year and has announced that the National Family Pajama Night Campaign will be launched on Saturday, November 19, 2011. The brand’s seasonal line of matching pajamas is a great inspiration. National Family Pajama NightThis is about creating memories that last a lifetime for your children.

“With today’s busy schedules, families are challenged to squeeze in quality time together between work commitments, soccer practices and playdates. Our goal in creating National Family Pajama Night is to encourage families to put the focus back on each other, by creating memories that strengthen family ties,”Keith Hagood, General Manager of The Company Store

Families will start receiving when they pledge their participation. “Idea of the Day”Ideas for fun and unique family activities. The Company Store will donate $20,000 worth to children in need through its Pajama Program. Each pledge will contribute to reaching the goal.

“Whether families engage in a treasure hunt, doing tag team drawings, or making a glow-in-the-dark mural, it is our hope that National Family Pajama Night will become an annual event that will continue to flourish,”Hagood says

Family members can sign up to participate and receive ideas for creating a memorable evening with their loved ones by visiting