Today’s soft housing market is causing homeowners to take on smaller, DIY projects around their homes instead of moving to new homes or undergoing extensive renovations.

According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, many homeowners today are responding to market conditions and opting for a series of remodeling projects. “partial”As their lives, schedules, and budgets change, improvement projects will also evolve.

Many of these home improvements are designed to improve the home’s interior. But homeowners also have the option to make minor exterior changes. Homeowners who want to feel more secure can take steps to improve their awareness of the outside of their home, from the driveway to the doorway to their backyard patio or pool. It is also possible to improve your knowledge of the movement around your property. This DIY improvement project can be completed in no time.

Chamberlain, the largest garage door opener manufacturer in the world, created the CWA2000 Wireless motion alert system that allows homeowners to monitor their outside from their homes. These motion sensors provide affordable security and peace of mind about who’s approaching or what’s happening around their home. This easy-to-install system comes with a portable base station and one sensor. It can also be expanded to include four sensors so that homeowners are alerted to unannounced visitors, unexpected deliveries, and potential trespassers.

These sensors are versatile and portable. They can detect movement from as far away as 30 feet and transmit it using light and sound to a portable station that can receive alerts from as far away.

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