The most crucial years for learning how read are the first nine. According to national research, 74% of low-income readers will have difficulty reading in high school and only 21% will complete a 4-year degree.

“Besides being the foundation of communication and most kinds of classroom-based learning, reading skills give children a confidence and advantage that benefits them long after they finish school. And for those who actually enjoy reading? The rewards are endless,”Richard Bavaria, Ph.D., Sylvan Learning’s tutoring service, and education expert, Sylvan Learning.

Sylvan’s experts have taken a page from Dr. Seuss’s many dog-eared books in order to encourage parents and children to continue their efforts to get young people interested in reading. These Seuss-inspired images are available. reading tipsYour family could be avid readers.

Can you imagine what it would be like to read aloud with your children? It is vital to read aloud with children as well as the stories you have heard. Reading aloud to toddlers and young children with exaggerated voices or silly sounds can keep them engaged and excited. Reading aloud to older children and young adults builds confidence in their ability to read.

One book, two books; red books, blue, and all the rest. Children and adults love to collect valued items. Encourage them to start a library. Help them find books to expand the collection. You can turn your trip to Goodwill or the grocery store into an adventure in search of new books.

You’re not even aware that you actually saw the word Mulberry Street. Car rides are a great way to learn new words, as you and your children are constantly being presented with new vocabulary and phrases. New words can be found everywhere, from billboards to street signs.

The places you’ll visit! Use the Internet to guide you. You can find an age-appropriate reading list for horse books on the Internet if your nine-year-old won’t read any other books than those about horses. Interactive websites like Book Adventure — www.bookadventure.comAllow children to choose their books and answer short questions for prizes.

My book… by me. Encourage your kids to write their stories, complete with illustrations. It will increase their knowledge of words and encourage creativity.

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