According to the Travel Industry Association one-third American adults camp out, making it the most popular outdoor activity in America.

Camping is a great way to get out in the country and enjoy nature on a budget. Camping allows campers to pitch their tents almost anywhere they like, including in backyards and national parks.

Camping for families should not be considered a stressful activity. Family members can be prepared for any mishaps with some planning.

You can save on essentials at high-value stores that stock many items for outdoor excursions. These are the essentials you will find at Dollar General, a discount retailer:

– Sun protection. Complete any outdoor outfit with sunscreen, glasses, and hats.

– Insect repellent. A close encounter with ticks, gnats, and mosquitoes can ruin the outdoors.

Clothing. Camping is messy so make sure your children are dressed appropriately. You should bring extra socks, underwear, and a portable stain remover.

– Snacks. It is too rainy to light a fire. As an emergency supply, bring snacks, crackers, cereals, nuts, and dried fruits. Quick meals can be prepared with canned soups and vegetables as well as spaghetti.

Basics of cooking. Campfire cooking is the best. You can make your own cookware at a discounter like Dollar General. These pots and pans can be used over an open flame, such as skillets and pots and saucepans.

Grilling supplies. For a more delicious meal than cold refried beans, a portable grill, charcoal, starter liquid, and matches are all you need.

– Dinnerware. Keep it simple for dinner. For easy cleanup, use plastic or paper plates and/or utensils.

– Drinks Drink bottled water and juice boxes to avoid dehydration. Keep drinks cool by bringing a cooler.

Flashlights Add starlight to your emergency kit with lanterns, flashlights, and lots of batteries. You can also bring a wind-up lantern, which doesn’t require batteries, for emergency situations.

– S’mores. S’mores can be made quickly and make a great fireside snack. You only need marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate bars -; and napkins.

Outdoor camping can create memories that will last a lifetime. Campers will enjoy telling these stories again and again around campfires with a little bit of planning and a visit to Dollar General.