In the Hole“Shooting Out The Lights”
Kim Fairley

Fans “When Breath Becomes Air,”You won’t regret reading this memoir by Paul Kalanithi. Although the story unfolds like a mystery novel style, Kim Fairley’s memoir focuses on the real secrets we keep and the ways we protect ourselves.

The story explores the taboo that wide age gaps can cause in love. Kim, aged twenty-four years old, marries Vern, 56-years-old. Soon they learn that Kim is pregnant. Kim’s life is turned upside down when Vern, Vern’s dear friend and widow of Vern, convinces Kim to take her 11 year-old son. His behavior challenges Kim’s faith, trust, and the foundations of her marriage. Get yours at

In the Hole“Plymouth Undercover”
By Pamela Kelley

Emma McCarthy is a failed actress of thirty who recently moved back to Plymouth, MA. Cindy McCarthy is Cindy’s mother and a yoga teacher in the Pinehills community of Plymouth. Court Street Investigations, a private investigative agency, has just been handed to them. The only employee is Mickey, an 80-year-old retired police detective.

They expected to find workman’s compensation cases or cheating spouses, but they quickly discovered that the agency has a reputation of solving murders. This is Book 1 for the “Court Street Investigations”series from The Wall Street Journal, USA Today bestselling author Of The Nantucket Inn And The Restaurant. Shop at

In the Hole“Family Illness”
Evan Wechman

This fictionalized story gives readers an idea of what it’s like to grow up in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Steve has suffered from OCD since childhood. He experiences a lot of verbal and physical tics at school. However, he lives in constant fear that his secret existence with an obsessive compulsive disorder in a hostile environment will be exposed.

Steve’s illness becomes more and more pervasive as he grows up. This causes him to question his morality. When he finds out that his family member has OCD too, his worries grow. Steve is motivated to fight back but wonders if he’s lost too much of the quality of his life due to OCD. Shop at

In the Hole“Out of Business: Moran”
David Citron

“Out of Business: Moran”Caleb Hanau is a story about a young Jewish man who, through his eyes and reflections (with a business plan), seeks meaning in education and finance. He predicted many future acquisitions and achievements for his previous relationships and work experiences, including the necessity of mental and physical harmony in both business and personal life.

This is a unique piece that takes a different approach to writing and is structured as a business planning. We follow the story of Caleb, our central protagonist. It is both poetic and prose, but all of it comes from years of searching for meaning through experience, music, relationships, and life. Shop at

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