Although their bodies might be smaller than others, that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice on quality. drinking water. Experts agree that it is vital to ensure that children get enough water.

“The standard recommendations are for children to get six to eight glasses of water per day,”CNNHealth’s Diet and Fitness Expert Dr. Melina Jampolis. “Mild dehydration can affect learning as well as mental and physical performance.”

Jampolis’ assertion is supported by a Tufts University study which found that even mildly thirsty children can become cranky. According to Kristen D’Anci (PhD), dehydration, even at low levels, can cause cognitive impairment in school-aged children.

However, parents often have the same problem of getting their children to drink enough water.

These tips can help parents to encourage their children to drink more of the good stuff.

* Make water easily accessible. A pitcher can be placed in the fridge. Have water bottles available and waiting to be filled. There will be no excuses. Alkame Water is a mildly alkaline water option that you might consider. Ionized water contains smaller molecule clusters which are more efficient at permeating cells and hydrating faster. This allows for little bodies to absorb water better and flush out toxins. Another benefit? Alkame water is the only water that has been patented to have high levels of stabilized oxygen.

* Take it to go. Children model what they see so make sure to drink water whenever you are out and about with your children. Chances are they will follow your lead and drink water throughout the day. Don’t just stop at the car ride, drink water while on family picnics or walks to the park and other outings.

* Serve water-rich foods. Many foods that are good for you, like soup, milk and fruit, have 80 to 90% water. Watermelon is an example of a waterlogged fruit that’s kid-friendly and easy to eat.

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