What would you love to learn more about? outbreaks of head liceBefore your child starts scratching at the back of his head, is there anyone else in your community or school?

There’s now an app to do that. “The Facts of Lice”This app is now free and available in the iTunes App Store. It makes lice prevention easier.

“With 85 percent of school districts reporting lice, busy parents need to be informed about outbreaks in their own communities as quickly as possible,”Risa Barash is the founder of Fairy Tales Hair Care. She is a pioneer in natural lice prevention products. “The Facts of Lice app allows parents to track lice outbreaks in their own neighborhood so they’ll know when it’s time to increase prevention efforts at home.”

The new iPhone app is ideal for all school years, as most of the 12,000,000 cases of head lice that are reported each year are in elementary and preschool schools.

The app gives parents access to a complete database of outbreak notifications. These are tracked by zip code as well as state. Parents can report outbreaks, and even access prevention and elimination tips.

It’s much easier than trying to eliminate lice, especially when it comes with such an effective tool. Not only must parents be aware of local lice outbreaks but they also need to teach their children how to prevent them. Head lice can easily spread in classrooms. These are some preventive tips to remind your children.

* Don’t share hats, combs, pillows or helmets. Lice can survive up to 36 hours off the human head.

* Keep long hair braided or in a pony tail. It’s important to avoid contact with infected areas.

* Don’t wash your hair daily. Lice like clean, dry hair. Your hair should be washed once per week to allow natural oils to build up on the shaft. This makes your hair more healthy and less likely to attract lice.

* Use hair care infused with herbs such as rosemary, citronella and tea tree — each has been shown to help repel head lice.

Learn more about lice prevention, or download the iPhone App at www.fairytaleshaircare.com.