Many beloved family traditions are losing their value due to the fast pace of modern life. KN Karen Neuburger Lifestyle brand conducted a survey and found that almost 46 percent of parents admit reading less to their children than their parents.

The television is the main culprit in bedtime reading deficiency in our technologically-oriented world. Over 42 percent of parents prefer to watch TV than read to their children before bed. Parents report that 71% of their children are likely to watch TV an hour before going to bed.

“Parents today are busier than ever,”Lisa Bazinet, Vice President of Karen Neuburger, Ltd. “Between working all week and shuffling their kids to various activities, today’s families are simply too exhausted for bedtime stories.”

The time spent reading together with a parent is crucial for a child’s listening, vocabulary, language and communication skills. Here are some suggestions: “Books at Bedtime Tips,”KN Karen Neuburger offers these tips to help you create a healthy bedtime routine, which includes reading at night.

* Create a comfort zone for your child. Regular bedtime routines help your child fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed. Your family should have a consistent bedtime routine that includes brushing their teeth, changing into comfortable pajamas, and reading for 10 to 15 mins.

* Improve literacy skills and create a lifelong love for books. Children who read at their own pace are more likely to be proficient readers and to have better math skills. Reading to your child regularly will help you identify concepts they might be having difficulty understanding.

* Create and share a family library. A wide range of reading materials can make your child a better reader, according to studies. You can use bedtime reading as an opportunity for your child to read different books and magazines. More information and bedtime reading tips can be found at