The Imposter“The Imposter”
David Temple

Detective Pat Norelli proved her colleagues, her family and herself that she was capable of becoming a top-notch detective. In Norelli’s debut novel, “The Poser,”She discovered the serial killer responsible for Meredith Johansen’s murder and several of Meredith Johansen’s close friends. She discovered a long list if victims who had been murdered by the same disturbed man.

While he may have fled, Norelli can’t seem to get him or his evil deeds out of her mind. With the killer running in the wind, and Norelli’s career in limbo, Norelli decides she will double down on her efforts to track him and finally get him out of harms way, regardless of the cost. Buy at

Gut Feelings“Gut Feelings”
Douglas A. Drossman MD, Johannah RuddyMed

“Caution: This book may change your life!”A renowned gastroenterologist, patient advocate and internationally renowned gastroenterologist wrote this book for patients. This book contains the most current information on diagnosis, treatment, and science of all Disorders of Gut Brain Interaction (previously called Functional GI Disorders). It also offers techniques to optimize the patient-doctor relationship.

It will make it easier for patients to communicate with their doctors. Learn what to say and ask. And what to do when things don’t go as planned. It will improve your communication skills and help you better connect with your patients. Buy at

Medicare Made Clear“Medicare Made Clear”
Keith Armbrecht

Medicare is a complex system. When we reach the age where we want to simplify our lives, why do they treat us like children? Medicare comes to us when we turn 65 or retire. Medicare is great insurance for health, but it requires that we take the time to fully understand our choices.

This book is for the best! This book was created by the author to simplify difficult decisions. You can even click on interactive videos to see him explain your options. GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE at

The Light in Rita Pearl“The Light in Rita Pearl”
Rita Arreola

It feels like everything is going well. I work full-time. I’m an entertainer who has been booked for good modeling gigs. I’m referring to a country singer. He has a way of making me smile that just makes my heart happy. I’m selling the house I grew up in and giving my son a little pampering with an upgrade.

My world is turned upside down in a matter of minutes. I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast carcinoma. I am now on a journey of fear and uncertainty. My greatest battle is a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It is during the COVID-19 Pandemic, protests and other difficult times that I fight. I find my way back to the light even though I am in darkness. Buy at

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