Do you want to spend more time at your boat than on the dock? You may be able to do that with a new web application, accessible from any mobile device.

The app is called MyTaskitConnects boat owners with service technicians. It offers a convenient way for boatyards to communicate with them about their service schedules, repair jobs, and routine maintenance. This means boat owners can spend more time on water.

“There’s transparency around which tasks have been assigned to which people,”Kevin Hutchinson is the founder and CEO at MyTaskit. It doesn’t matter if the MyTaskit App is accessed from a desktop computer or on a mobile device. “boaters can see the status of projects that are open, in progress, waiting authorization or estimate approval, or completed. The last thing you want to realize is that something needs fixing and you’re five miles off shore.”

MyTaskit users can post an online task and explain any problem to a service professional. They can also attach photos or videos to help describe the issue.

“Boats are complex possessions, with multiple moving parts that need frequent service and attention,”Hutchinson said.

The app can even help if your boat is in dire need of some maintenance or attention. It can store manuals for every part of a boat, including its icemakers and engines. Once you enter the specific type of engine your boat has, for instance, MyTaskit will automatically send a service reminder at manufacturer-recommended intervals.

The app is available for free to boat owners, captains, crew members, and up to 1GB of storage. Owners have the option to purchase more storage.

The app is also making waves in other areas. Are you having trouble with your home’s electricity or plumbing? MyTaskit can soon connect you with these service providers for your RV or home.

“Because it’s highly task-oriented, MyTaskit can help people stay coordinated with all their service providers,”Hutchinson said.

Service professionals also love the ease of use, and MyTaskit is a great tool for them. “Pro”Side of the app allows them to coordinate online business with their customers in a way that strengthens the connection and fosters customer loyalty.

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