– Sponsored Information – In a world where sensationalized news and bad news dominate, it can be difficult for programming to include genuine family shows.

Research indicates that 42 million adults seek programming with family members in mind.

Enter UP TVNetwork We Get Family is the network that is keeping its promise of We Get Family alive by introducing shows that offer adult viewers all the joy, dysfunction, and love that is the American family.

“With family as our framework, we are filling a void in the media landscape as the brand families trust most to bring them positive programming,”Charley Humbard is the president and chief executive officer of UP.

This is how UP finds its niche with families through its brand. UP shows everything from single mothers to families with sextuplets, to families with 19 children. It is all about relatable, entertaining storytelling.

“We believe family, whether through blood, friendship or community, provides us with the most emotional and memorable experiences in our lives. It’s a journey with highs and lows and everything in between.”

There are many stories to choose from, and it can be difficult for viewers to find authentic, engaging stories they enjoy watching. UP has found its footing with original programming such Growing Up McGhee, Bringing Up Bates and Jo Frost, Nanny On Tour. These shows are in addition to syndicated series like Parenthood and Gilmore Girls.

And for those who are looking specifically for family and faith-affirming content, UP has a subscription-on-demand offering, UP Faith & Family.

Visit this site for more information www.UPtv.com.