There is nothing more thrilling than packing your bags and setting off on a relaxing road trip that will be a memorable experience. You can get away from the everyday grind by taking a road trip across the country or hitting the 3.9m miles of open roads in the United States. These road trip suggestions will inspire you to embark on a unique driving adventure.

* Hop on the Hana Highway. Many parts of Maui in Hawaii are a tourist attraction that is open all day. The area is beautiful and offers an experience that’s not crowded with tourist. You can enjoy the area’s 52-mile Hana Highway, which offers stunning views of the ocean and acres of undeveloped forest. To Hoomanu Bay you can drive a secondary route and take a dip in your private swimming hole. This will allow you to relax completely.

* Head overseas to grab your keys. Mercedes-Benz’s European Delivery Program is a far cry from your typical vacation to the beach. It allows car buyers to have the joy of driving a new Mercedes-Benz from Sindelfingen, Germany, and the possibility to take a week-long European vacation. The company’s unique program allows customers to travel to countries such as Austria and Switzerland, eat authentic European cuisine, and drive a Mercedes along the Autobahn. Many of the costs are covered by the program. Visit for more information.

* Put the pedal to the metal in the desert. It’s like jumping into a scene. “Lawrence of Arabia”You will be visiting Death Valley, California, one of the most secluded and hotter areas in America. Make sure to have your AC on. Next, stop at Badwater Basin. This area of salt flats is 282 feet below the sea level, which holds the title for the lowest point in North America.

You can make a road trip that will take you from your home to anywhere. Grab your map, get your bag, and then head out on the open roads.