Parents understand the importance of reading with their children. Not all parents realize the importance of reading to their children and how they interact with them during playtime can have an impact on learning. It is possible for parents to help their child learn how to read and draw. Most importantly, make these moments memorable and enjoyable.

“The more children interact with reading material, the more active and confident readers they become,”Dr. Carolyn Jaynes is a literacy learning designer at LeapFrog. She is a developer of technology-based educational products. “Read with your child at an early age, and build fun daily routines that incorporate reading.”

Dr. Jaynes provides the following tips to parents who want their children to be more active. avid readersThis is:

* Read often. It pays to practice. Children learn skills by reading more. An excellent place to begin is with a bedtime story every night.

* Make reading fun. A child will benefit more if they are engaged in the reading experience. Story books can be made more vivid by using different voices for characters and adding drama to the narration. If a character acts shocked or sad, adjust your tone to show the emotion. Your children should see that there is more to the story than what they read.

* Help kids interact with the reading material. Asking questions can help your child recall the story. Talk to them about the story, and ask their opinions on a character’s decisions. What would they change? What do they expect to happen next? Encourage them to interrupt you when they don’t understand something.

* Point out the illustrations. Your child should demonstrate that they understand the story by pointing out the elements of the illustration. For example, ask questions like “Can you point to the bear that looks worried?”Or “Where was the wolf hiding before he crossed the road?”

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