A child’s bedroom is an expression of their personality, from the smallest of toddlers to teenagers. Parents may have to deal with their children’s opinions on their bedrooms. One year the child might be all about Winnie The Pooh, while the next year he may be obsessed with Buzz Lightyear. Parents often find it difficult to keep up with their children, let alone create a space that suits their tastes and is within their budget.

The solution is in a new line of wallpapers, murals and borders. wall decalsDisney is the company that has brought beloved characters alive for generations. This particular collection is best because it was designed like building blocks. It captures the magic of Disney Universe and allows favorite characters to be added or subtracted to fit a child’s changing needs.

Wallpaper is the core of the collection. It creates an environment faster and more affordably than covering all four walls. Wallpaper patterns that are timeless and can be used again and again will keep the collection relevant for children’s growing years. Certain patterns, such a whimsical Mickey Mouse silhouette are subtle, sophisticated interpretations that can also be used in other rooms.

Disney characters are a delight to see on wall decals, borders, and peel-and stick wall stickers. Wall decals and borders can be used as a layer over coordinating wallpapers, or they can stand alone. Murals start at $149. They measure 6′ x 10’ and make a great decorating statement as a feature wall. Wall decals are versatile and can be moved, removed, and repositioned. They can also be used for headboards, toy chests and cabinets. They are adorable and affordable so they won’t break your bank when you add a new character to the collection.

Visit www.RoomMatesPeelandStick.comYou can view the Disney collection, order samples, or buy Disney wallpapers. You will also find instructions and photos of decorated rooms on the site.