Many people have found inspiration in the stories and words of others in best-selling books, such as “The Glass Castle”And “The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.”Food Network star Sandra Lee (of Semi-Homemade Cooking) is now aiming to inspire people all over the country who want to make their own success.

Throughout “Made From Scratch,”Lee’s memoir is a stunning account of her abusive childhood and the role she was given to care for her younger siblings at an early age. Lee, despite facing setbacks in adulthood, including a failed first business and a divorce; she has learned from her mistakes and dedicated herself to Semi-Homemade, the struggle of the over-extended homeowner, and has not looked back.

Lee’s memoir, which is a positive tale of survival and determination that’s sprinkled with inspiration about everything from love and business, will give you a guideline for your life.

* Adversity. Every thing has a purpose and a reason. Our job is to discover the lessons that we can learn from each experience, and then how we can use them in our lives or pass them on to others.

* Business. You have to prepare for failure when you start your own business. You can gain valuable insight by removing yourself from difficult situations when times are tough.

* Growth. Allowing yourself to forgive and have some freedom will allow you to grow. Each person is still a work-in-progress.

* Grace. Grace is the ability to find the good in every day and the ugly. To survive, you must embrace the challenges of life and not let them define your outlook or determine your destiny.

* Love. If you don’t love yourself, money and fame will be of little use. Only when you love yourself, happiness, and your inner beauty, is it possible to find true happiness.

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