Child identity theft is another concern that parents have for their children.

According to, on average, victims of child identity theft have roughly $12,000 worth of fraudulent debt. To prevent identity fraud, parents must treat children’s information the same as their own to protect their children.

In addition, a recent Child Identity Fraud Report, sponsored by the Identity Theft Assistance Center (ITAC) and conducted by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that 1 in 40 households with minor children (under age 18) had at least one child whose personal information was compromised by identity criminals. This is all to show that this is an issue parents should be aware of.

All of this is combined with data breaches that affect children in the commercial sector such as VTech Holdings Ltd. (a Hong Kong-based digital learning toy maker), and you have a recipe that can lead to financial disasters that may go unnoticed for many years. The company revealed that it had exposed the names, genders and birth dates for 6.5 million children in its data breach in December 2015. According to the Wall Street Journal which first reported the story, approximately 2.9 million of those children were U.S. citizens.

“It’s a predatory crime that affects families,”Robert P. Chappell Jr. from Virginia State Police spoke to the Deseret News via phone interview. “I know how to recognize it and the steps to prevent it, as well as how to deal with the emotional aspects of it,”He stated.

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