It seems that childhood cavities are inevitable. Nearly every child will get one at some time. Baby teeth don’t last forever, so kids shouldn’t skip brushing or flossing. Pediatric dentists disagree. Children’s teeth are important. However, it is not common for children to have healthy smiles.

Baby teeth have the same function as adult teeth, and are used by children to chew and talk. Baby teeth also preserve the gumline’s structure. “save space”For adult teeth to grow.

The permanent tooth will erupt when the baby tooth below it has lost its root and is loose. This allows the adult tooth to emerge. If the empty space is not sufficient or too small, the adult tooth can push other teeth out of their way or emerge in an incorrect place. Malocclusion, which is a misaligned or out-of-place teeth, can result in crooked, crooked, or crowded teeth. Malocclusions are more difficult and more likely to become diseased. Malocclusions can be costly and require orthodontic treatment. They can also affect self-esteem.

Tooth decay can also affect adult teeth’s health. Bad bacteria from the mouth is what causes cavities. Baby teeth don’t always fall out, so they can continue to cause problems. Adult teeth will experience the same problems as a child’s first teeth.

Even if young children lack the ability to floss and brush their teeth, some oral care products can help them keep their mouths healthy. EvoraKids is one example of an oral care probiotic chew.www.myevorakids.comThis will promote good bacteria in the mouth. Chewable surfaces attract good bacteria, which competes with harmful oral bacteria for nutrients. Bad bacteria has less space to grow and therefore can attack teeth less often.

Good oral hygiene habits can be taught to children from the beginning. Children should learn how to brush their teeth, floss and eat healthy food. Parents should also schedule regular visits with a pediatric dentist.