Many brides find that the search for the perfect day can quickly become a nightmare. These are some tips to help you keep your honeymoon bliss from becoming a nightmare.

* Marriage Planning 101: Once the ring goes on, the race to plan the perfect wedding begins, giving couples little time to think about the marriage itself or how their wedding spending decisions could affect their future. Smart couples now take the time to think about pre-wedding issues, such as how they will spend their money and what their children will be doing.

Nearly half the newlyweds are now taking out loans to finance their new lives. “big day,”Couples should make every effort to save money on their wedding and daily spending for the future.

One of the most unique rewards programs, provides couples with $10,000, $100,000, or even $1 million cash rewards for staying married and shopping at uTANGO’s 250+ merchants like,,, is a free website that offers advice and guidance from relationship, financial and wedding professionals. Couples can use their wedding money to alleviate financial worries and begin building towards their future by taking a proactive approach.

* Destination USA: While destination weddings, especially to international locales, continue to be one of the hottest wedding trends in recent years, they can also present challenges such as increased costs, security concerns, language barriers and unreliable vendors.

It is possible to choose a less costly alternative to Chicago. Chicago is a well-known U.S. destination for great wedding venues, excellent accommodations, and activities to fit every budget. Although it may not be as exotic or as Tahiti’s, couples find that they have more friends and family to attend the nuptials and that planning is much easier when they stay in the United States.

* Managing wedding expectations: For many brides, planning the perfect wedding is a major life event decades in the making. This is why it is easy to see how wedding expectations can quickly spiral out of control.

Wedding euphoria can lead to busy brides and grooms losing sight of the importance of spending. This can cause the perfect wedding to become a fight over money. It is important to manage expectations regarding what should be done. “dream”It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is possible to have a beautiful and elegant wedding.

* Bridezilla-free zone: The term “Bridezilla”The term “perfectionist bride” is used to describe a woman who is unhappy, difficult, and perfectionist. Her obsession with planning the perfect wedding leaves her friends, family, and bridal vendors frustrated.

Beware of belligerent bridezillas: Bridesmaids, vendors, and planners have been thrown into turmoil by horror stories about brides who are unable to control their behavior. Some wedding vendors will now include language in contracts that reserves the right to cancel if the behavior of the bride is unacceptable. “out of control or abusive.”You can exercise or go to the spa. But you need to have a plan for dealing with stress related to weddings and keeping Bridezilla away.

* Just say “no”: Brides today place so much pressure on their bridesmaids, it is not unusual for them to turn down a request from one of their closest friends. The financial responsibility that comes with being a bridesmaid is staggering. However, some brides also require a significant time commitment.

It is easy for bridesmaids to feel underappreciated, overwhelmed, and even broke from the long list of tasks handed out by their brides.

When asking their friends to join them for their wedding, they should be open about their time and financial expectations. If the answer is no, it’s important that they understand.

Martie DUNCAN is a national wedding expert and has been working in the bridal industry for over twenty years. Duncan has been consulted for episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey Show”The film “My Best Friend’s Wedding”Currently, he is editor in chief of The LifeMatters e-magazine (

Pregnancy can be very exciting. There are so many things to do and so many appointments. Expectant mothers often worry about their unborn baby so much that they forget to take good care of themselves.

Experts say that prenatal vitamins are vital for both mom and baby.

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