Everyone in a school or community is subject to emergencies, including police, firefighters and medical personnel. Effective responses to crises situations require rapid, accurate, widespread, and verifiable communications.

A typical school district could have 25,000 people on its contacts list. Each person would need to have three numbers in order to make 75,000 calls. Techradium’s Immediate Response Information System, (IRIS), goes through each call sequence digitally. It covers all primary telephone numbers for people with A-Z names before they call secondary ones. It allows Mr. Zimmerman to reach the entirety of the alphabet simultaneously, allowing him to get a call almost as fast as Mrs. Arnold.

IRIS provides opportunities for frequent, effective contact to build better understanding and improve academic performance. Use of immediate and “paperless”Notification with automatic receipt confirmation makes this the most efficient and fast contact service available, even for difficult-to-reach parents. It costs just pennies per student to launch the system and keep it running year round. This is the lowest cost communication system.

It’s an electronic service that transmits routine, priority, or emergency messages electronically. It’s used by educational institutions, from public schools to university campuses, utility companies, banks, and other businesses.

“Techradium is at the cutting edge of new technologies necessary for protection and information in today’s world,”Tom Ridge, chief executive of Ridge Global LLC. “I look forward to assisting the company as it expands the use and opportunities of IRIS, a promising and exciting new technology.”

School contact information is used to create the participant database. The critical information about severe thunderstorms and fires, as well as unforeseen and routine advisories, reaches thousands in less than 30 seconds using the communication devices they select… in ten different language. IRIS records each person’s time of receiving the message and reports the results.

Techradium’s headquarters are in Sugar Land, Texas. Techradium’s chief executive Officer Ryan Rodkey recently announced Ridge’s appointment as a senior advisor.