For many people, the words “Florida vacation”You may think of beaches and theme parks. If you venture inland, away from major cities, you will quickly discover that there is so much more to the Sunshine State. As you travel the interior of the state, you’ll find historic architecture, cattle ranches and some of the oldest wineries in the country. Streamsong Resort is a resort located approximately 45 minutes from Tampa that offers a unique opportunity for tourists to explore the undiscovered side of Florida.

Once covered by prehistoric seas StreamsongThis land was home to a phosphate mining operation for many years. Reclamation efforts transformed it into a private golf resort that features two of the top courses in the country. The land’s unique features were created by decades of mining, which produced millions of cubic yards worth of sand, which, over time, transformed into stunning dunes. This is not seagulls nesting high up. The largest body of water on the property can be used for body surfing and bass fishing, while the rest of the 16,000 acres are home to one palm tree.

“So many guests tell us that, if they didn’t know better, they would never guess they were in Florida,” says Streamsong’s general manager, Rich Mogensen. “Streamsong is truly like nothing else in the state.”

Streamsong is a resort that offers golf. It’s home to the internationally acclaimed Streamsong Red, Streamsong Blue. But, more and more guests are coming to Streamsong for other reasons. They are keen to try their skills on the archery range and sporting clays, which are located deep within the property’s heart. They are interested in guided fishing trips on the resort’s lakes where largemouth bass can reach six pounds and sometimes top eight. They want to visit each of the six pools at the AcquaPietra resort’s grotto-style spa.

“Guests choose Streamsong because they don’t want the standard vacation,” Mogensen says. “We deliver by giving them a memorable experience — one you can’t find anywhere else.”

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