Swimming pools and trampolines can be great fun but can also cause injuries or death. Homeowners can also be held liable for injuries or deaths caused by a trampoline. “attractive nuisances,”Children are attracted to dangers or hazards on their property.

There are many things that homeowners can do to protect their children and their privacy.

“If you have a swimming pool, secure it with a tall, locked fence, and never let anyone swim unattended,”Bill Windsor, safety officer for Nationwide Insurance. “Be sure pool equipment, including ladders, handrails and diving boards, is secure and in good condition.”

Pool decks and walkways should also be made from non-slippery materials. Children should not have access to pool chemicals.

You should keep your trampoline locked and fenced in. Also, make sure children are not allowed to play on it.

“Make sure hard areas, such as springs, hooks and the frame are covered with shock-absorbing pads, and refrain from placing a ladder near the trampoline, so that small children can’t climb up without your knowledge,”Windsor. “Keep up on regular maintenance to make sure the trampoline is in good condition, and be sure it is placed away from buildings, swing sets or other obstacles.”

You may also have dangerous items that children might like, such as discarded appliances, cars and construction materials.

Ask your agent about possible precautions that you can take to prevent accidents, protect your neighbor’s property and yourself from potential injuries.

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