The record-breaking oil and gas prices in America have led to a surge in American energy consumption.

Drivers want to save money on their vehicles.

It is possible to avoid routine maintenance, which can lead to higher costs. Vehicles that are poorly maintained waste fuel and wear more quickly. Owners must then pay for repair or replacement.

Lauren Fix, The Car Coach (, a former racecar driver and the host of a cable automotive talk show on the DIY network, “Routine maintenance is the key to helping your car achieve its potential.”

Midas has over 50 years experience in automotive service. They offer these tips to help drivers get more gas mileage and prolong the life of their cars:

– Don’t let the pressure get to you.

Drivers who drive with under-inflated tires will see a decrease in fuel economy and two miles per gallon.

The driver’s side door can be used to check the tire pressure. Drivers should check their tire pressure every morning when it is cold and inflate the spare tire.

Keep Your Vehicles In Top Condition. Every month, drivers should inspect their oil and change the oil according to the vehicle’s manufacturer’s guidelines. Midas can help maintain smooth engine operation by providing quality oil and filter change.

Maintain the filter clean. The air filter is like the car’s lungs.

Every time they change their oil, drivers need to check their air filters.

A car purchase can be the second largest investment a person makes. Owners of cars should ensure that their vehicles are maintained as long as possible to save money in the long term. Drivers should consider purchasing package deals in order to cut down on maintenance costs. Midas Touch Maintenance Package offers an oil change and filter change, four-wheel tire rotation, and a 45 point courtesy check.

Routine car maintenance can be a great way to improve your fuel efficiency and prolong the life of your vehicle. Fix stated, “By checking the essential parts of your car regularly, drivers will see a big difference in the performance of their automobile.”

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