Nielsen predicts that 2010 will see consumers continue to be frugal in their spending as the recession, such as the government bailouts has not yet affected their finances. It’s no surprise that many Americans are trying to learn how to better manage their money and shop less. Although this is a tough lesson to learn, it can pay off if shoppers make smart purchases to get the best value for their money.

People are looking to increase the value of their dollars, whether it’s for food or high-end goods. This is especially true when it comes to clothing. Some clothing brands recognize the need to offer affordable quality clothing in an age when jeans can run more than $100. This is why loyal and new customers are turning to them for their savings.

Wrangler, a company that provides value through a wide range of men’s jeans and pants as well as shirts and shirts, all of which retail for less than $20. They are available nationwide at major retailers like Walmart. Wrangler is the brand name on nearly every pair of jeans sold in America today.

Despite all this smart shopping, Americans still need to be careful with every dollar they spend.

Phil Rist (executive vice president, strategic Initiatives, BIGresearch) stated, “While the economy has shown some improvement,”. “A variety of factors remain up in the air including uncertainty over job safety, so many Americans aren’t buying into the talk about recovery. Instead, they are looking for great products at great prices and excellent quality.”

Wrangler aims to provide customer satisfaction to make Americans feel more confident in their spending decisions. Wrangler offers a one-year guarantee on all its clothing. This is a sign of their commitment to high standards.

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