Spring is upon us. The days are getting shorter and the temperatures are increasing. Summer will soon be here, along with all the joys it brings, such as summer vacations.

Before you pack your suitcases and leave for the beach, make sure you put in the hours to earn that relaxing vacation. Firestone Complete Auto Care wants to share some helpful tips with you to make your trip more enjoyable. daily commuteYou can be as worry-free possible

* Put the cell phone down. Your car is not your mobile office. Cell phones can be distracting. Use your car to do other things. “quiet time.”Use a headset if you have to talk on the phone. This is required by many state laws.

* Stay focused on driving to protect yourself and others on the road. It is dangerous to try and multitask while driving.

* Make sure you can hear auditory driving cues. Loud radio listening can drown out emergency sirens, car horns, and bicycle bells.

* Avoid taking your eyes off the road. Talking to passengers, turning around and flipping through radio channels could cause you to drift off your lane or miss important visual cues.

* Check your tires often. You should make sure your tires are in good shape by rotating them and properly inflating them. Your tires are the only thing between your vehicle’s wheels and the road.

* Make sure your car is in good condition underneath the hood. Firestone Complete Auto Care will take care of your vehicle’s maintenance and help with any other issues.

* Wear comfortable attire. Make sure to remove any layers that might be limiting your ability to drive.

* Make sure the driver’s seat is adjusted to a comfortable position. This is particularly important if you are sharing the car with your family members. Make sure to inspect your mirrors and adjust them as necessary.

It’s stressful enough to work. Don’t make it more difficult by inviting distractions behind your wheel. Your commute should be stress-free. You’ll soon find your summer plans are in place. Enjoy safe travels