Young men don’t like shopping and it can be difficult to find the right gift for them. Finding the perfect gift for your dad or brother’s birthday is difficult. You don’t want the gift to go unopened in a garage or closet. Don’t worry. These are the five must-have items. gift ideas for guysYour present will be a hit!

* Comedies by night. Who can resist a bit of funny, raunchy comedy? All you need is a few buddies and some snacks and you’re ready for an evening with the guys. There are many movies to choose from, including old and new. “The Pool Boys,”Available in digital download via iTunes and DVD and Blu-Ray release through Seven Arts Pictures. Special features on the DVD include commentary and interviews. This makes it an ideal gift for movie lovers who love the behind-the scenes scoop. Here’s a preview. The trailer (rated R), is available at

* Sports by day. It depends on how you are with the man in question. Buying workout clothes can be hard. You can bet that he would love some new gear for the gym, or at pickup basketball games. A moisture-wicking shirt will make you confident in your size and style. You aren’t sure what size you should wear? Consider a gift voucher for a sport store or website.

* Food always pleases. What do men really want? Food. You can buy a huge tin of peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, and pretzels if you are unsure what to give a young man as a birthday present. If they are lucky, they’ll remember to reuse the tin.

* Gadgets spark excitement. Look for gadgets that suit your guy’s interests. Are they frequent flyers? A watch with GPS integrated? A survivalist? Check out solar- or crank-up flashlights/radios/chargers, so the smart phone will still work when the power goes out.

* Books and magazines recharge his mind. Men might read on a Nook and Kindle these days. But don’t underestimate the value of the printed word when it comes time to gifting. With credit from an ebook account, your guy can download Stephen King’s latest book, Tom Clancy’s new book, or even discover a new author. You could also consider gift subscriptions to magazines that match his interests such as Bicycling magazine, which is ideal for avid cyclists. He’ll be able to flip through the magazine while his phone is charging.