Patty Duke is back! This time, she brought her entire family. Patty Duke Show cast members reunited to eat dinner and create a series promoting Social Security’s new online Medicare applications.

You can see the TV spots at

In the 1960s, Patty Duke and her television show family entertained American households with The Patty Duke Show. They want to help families again. The entire process takes less that 10 minutes.

Although you may decide to wait until your 65th birthday to apply for retirement benefits. However, most people should begin receiving Medicare at 65. Apply within four months to get your Medicare coverage.

Not only are people already receiving Social Security retirement benefits or disability benefits eligible to apply, but they will also automatically become Medicare enrolled.

Apply online! Because it is fast, easy, and convenient. You don’t even need to make an appointment. And you won’t have the hassle of waiting in line or traffic. It doesn’t take too much time. You can rest assured that your data will remain private with our secure technology.

What are you waiting to do? It takes 10 minutes, as Patty Duke and her television families will tell you. Visit www.socialsecurity.govChoose the “Retirement/Medicare”Link in the middle section of the page

You can also catch TV’s most famous identical relatives and the entire family at dinner