JA celebrates 100 years of existence. This year is a landmark year for the non-governmental organization. Junior Achievement helps youth prepare for their future careers by teaching them how to entrepreneurship, money management and career planning.

Millions of students have benefited from JA programs. The organization would love to hear from them as part the centennial celebration.

Some notable JA alumni are known as “Achievers,”Mark Cuban is a computer entrepreneur and the owner of Dallas Mavericks basketball. Juju Chang is an ABC News anchor. James Brown is a sportscaster. Steve Case was America Online’s co-founder.

Research has shown that students who participated in JA programs had more confidence with their money management skills than peers who didn’t. They were also more likely to graduate college and open a business, as well as being more likely not to have been in JA programs.

JA wishes to celebrate its centennial by reconnecting with its alumni and encouraging them to share their successes and stories.

New website JA.org/ConnectAlumniStudents who were involved in JA can view their photo and video archives and share their memories about the organization and how it has impacted them. You can also connect with other alumni through links to alumni groups on Facebook or LinkedIn.

JA programs are offered by community and corporate volunteers and are available to kindergarten through high school. They reach more than 4.8 millions students each year in 107 US markets, as well as 5.2 million students from 100 countries.

The non-profit’s primary objective is to give youth the information they need to make the most of all the options available to them.

The programs are designed to help students make informed decisions about the future and achieve financial success in a way that suits their abilities and interests.

The JA website explains that the programs are based on a mission statement. “ignite the spark in young people to experience and realize the opportunities and realities of work and life in the 21st century.”

Junior Achievement USA is a member JA Worldwide.

Visit ja.orgFor more information on JA programs, and to learn about how you can get involved.