Public breastfeeding can be a subject that can elicit a wide range of opinions and attitudes. Recent research suggests that public breastfeeding is a topic that has been viewed as most important by mothers. “breast is best.”

The 2014 Lansinoh Global Breastfeeding Survey, which surveyed moms and expectant moms in the U.S., found that 57% of respondents believe breastfeeding in public is completely natural.

The following are other key findings

* Ninety-three percent of moms believe that “breast is best”When it comes to breastfeeding babies. For moms with their first baby, that number is 98%.

* “Mommy Guilt”It is true. In fact, 64% say they would feel guilty about not breastfeeding.

* The majority of moms (86 percent) who choose to breastfeed do so because of the health benefits for baby. For 5 percent, to form a close connection with baby (5%) or to save money by avoiding formula (5%) were distant second-place motives.

“These data show that moms today have the best interest of their baby’s health in mind when forming their breastfeeding goals and opinions,” said Gina Cicatelli Ciagne, CLC and Vice President of Healthcare & Media Relations, Lansinoh Laboratories. “Yet, ultimately, there are many other factors moms navigate when making their decision.”

Another factor is whether or not to use breast pumps. According to the survey, over three-quarters (or more) of moms have used or plan on using breast pumps. The highest percentage of moms expecting to have breast pumps is 82 percent. 18% are unsure if they will.

It is important that you note that the survey had been carefully selected.

“We wanted to talk to moms who are currently breastfeeding, as well as those who recently stopped, because understanding how they feel is the best way to support today’s breastfeeding moms, whether it’s through new breastfeeding products or with workplace policies and government support,”Ciagne.

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