Some people believe that a bird flu epidemic would be the most plausible scenario for a sci-fi movie. However, scientists and researchers agree that the “pandemic fatigue”Americans have when

It could lead to serious complications.

The spread of Avian Influenza A (or H5N1) in 59 countries in the last four years has put the world closer than any time since 1968 to another pandemic. Scientists are concerned that H5N1, which can transmit from poultry to people, could mutate and spread between humans. Infulenza pandemics could be started by human-to-human transmission. There is no vaccine currently available to protect humans against bird flu. is a holding company for health technology companies. It develops products and technologies to improve the health of people around the world.

Citroxin, a natural germicidal cleaner, kills 100 percent of major bacteria, including salmonella, E.coli, E. coli and pseudomonas. Citroxin is safe for use on birdcages, hen houses and other animals.

The new delivery system that has developed is intended to allow Citroxin to enter the bloodstream to prevent human bird flu.

Citroxin is currently being tested by the company on the original H5N1 strain and not on the surrogate, H9N2 strain most domestic laboratories use to test for bird flu. Innova Biotechnology is Thailand’s largest private biotechnology firm.

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