The flood that decimated Minot, N.D. last summer was a record. Many found comfort in rebuilding their Oak Park, as Minot’s 40,000 residents tried to rebuild their lives.

Oak Park was the center of the community. It provided a space for neighbors, friends, and their families to enjoy the outdoors and be active. The park hosted concerts, farmers markets, and many other events every summer. Residents felt a deep sense of loss, and they buried their memories in the park.

Coca-Cola’s “The Coca-Cola Summer” campaign was launched last summer.America Is Your ParkPark lovers from Minot rallied behind Oak Park as part of the ” campaign. Park supporters across the country cast over 13 million votes during the campaign for their favourite parks. It was impossible to imagine that this tiny park would win out over thousands of other parks. “America’s Favorite Park”You can also take home a $100,000 recreation award

That’s exactly what happened!

You want to find out the secret behind their success? Everyone got involved! Park lovers organized events in the park, mobilized on-line, engaged celebrities from their hometown, and voted continuously. Their efforts attracted attention from local news media and dignitaries. A Minot celebrity of the A-list also got involved.

Is America’s next favorite park yours? Are there any repairs needed? Oak Park is an example of how to help your favorite park. The Coca-Cola Live Positively initiative will award a $100,000 recreation grant to the park that receives the most votes. This grant will be used to restore, rebuild and enhance the park’s activity areas.

First, vote! Use your home computer or smartphone to vote at starting May 23. While you’re there, you can learn how to earn 100 votes every time you visit the site. “check in”From the park.

Then, become a champion of your park. You can also organize voter drives, hand out flyers and host a field trip in the park. You can change the park and your community, no matter how many times you vote.

Even better, more than one park can win! The second and third places parks will each receive $50,000 and $25,000 grants. A random selection will be made from parks that place fourth through 25th on this leaderboard for a $15,000 grant. This should give you more reasons to support your park.

You can make a difference in the fate of your park by simply clicking a button. Imagine the positive effects these improvements will have on your community and park. Vote now and often to ensure your vote!