State education systems have been shaken up over the past 18 months as they prepare students for high school equivalency certificates. In a relatively short time, the landscape changed drastically with the adoption of College and Career Ready standards and some states changing their old tests for new ones.

This is what educators and others who are looking to reach this milestone in education should know about the past year.

1: 2014 was the first year that states used alternative tests in American history.

Twenty-two states offered alternative tests to students after they decided to drop the GED exam within their states or offer multiple options for them to take. The HiSET examEducational Testing Service and the TASC Test Assessment Secondary Completion by CTB/McGraw Hill offer those who have not completed high school the chance to get their high school equivalencies.

Many branded tests were introduced to break down traditional terms and understanding of how people earn a high school credential.

2: People are discovering you don’t know. “get a GED.”

Incorrectly asking applicants whether they are eligible for higher education by employers, education administrations, and institutions of higher educational is a mistake. “GED.”For many jobs and opportunities in postsecondary education, proof of high school diploma is necessary. However, the GED test is not an earned credential.

Mobile scores for HiSET, GED, and TASC are available. They can be used to apply for jobs and college admissions in the United States. The test takers have the option to choose which test they want to take, based on several factors such as whether it is priced or available in paper- or computer-delivered formats.

3: The results remain the same.

Each test measures high school equivalent skills and has adopted CCR standards. No matter whether one passes the HiSET or GED test, passing them will result in a state-issued credential. California is an example of this. A student can pass any test and receive the California High School Equivalency certificate if they pass each subject area.

The trend towards alternative testing does not seem to be slowing as more states explore new vendors and test options in the near future. While the options for earning a high school credential may have changed, the results are the same. This education milestone increases one’s chances of securing a better future.