Although the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team was criticised for wearing masks at Beijing’s airport, many Chinese citizens could do the same. According to an American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine study, 8.2 per cent of Chinese adults age 40 and older have chronic obstruction pulmonary disease (COPD).

People who inhale cigarette smoke and other pollutants over time can damage their lungs. The elasticity of the air sacs decreases and the airways become swollen. Cells also produce excessive sputum or mucus which makes it difficult for patients to inhale and exhale. COPD is not curable. It is the fourth leading cause for death in the world.

China’s COPD epidemic is a result of pollution, increasing smoking rates among women, and the aging population. Rural areas are home to many women who use charcoal, wood and coal for heat and cooking, which can increase their exposure to lung-harming chemicals. According to a report by the World Health Organization (WHO), COPD is responsible for five million disability cases and one million deaths in China every year.

The U.S. has seen a rise in trade relations with China. American companies see this opportunity not only to make profits but also to provide better care for Chinese workers. Ingen Technologies, a company that designs and produces medical devices, is looking to capitalize on China’s $4 Billion market for respiratory devices.

The Food & Drug Administration has approved one of Ingen’s products, the Oxyview In-Line Oxygen Flow-Meter, which is made in the U.S., for sale in China and Taiwan. The device measures oxygen flow through portable oxygen devices and helps patients make sure their life-saving equipment is functioning properly. The Oxyview helps reduce healthcare costs by allowing more patients to stay at home. Because patients can see when their equipment is properly set up, they help to reduce the number of unnecessary service calls.

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It can be thrilling to become pregnant. There is so much to do, so many appointments to keep. Many expectant mothers worry so much about the baby that they neglect to take care of themselves.

Experts agree that prenatal vitamins are crucial for both mother and baby.

“During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes. She can experience things like fatigue, loss of appetite and an upset stomach, which can make it difficult to maintain the proper levels of essential nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy,”Jay M. Goldberg MD FACOG is an obstetrician in Los Angeles.

Prenatal vitamins include DHA, an Omega-3 fat acid, and Folic acid. Prenatal vitamins are important ingredients that help moms to be soon have a healthy diet. They can also aid baby’s brain, eyes and central nervous system development.

It is important to understand that not all vitamins work the exact same. There are many other options. Vertical Pharmaceuticals LLC is the inventor of the prenatal vitamin that contains egg-based DHA. OB Complete Gold. OB Complete Gold includes OmEGGa DHA. This DHA is naturally found in the eyes and brain. OmEGGa DHA can be easily absorbed and absorbed into the body. It is distributed in simpler and more efficient ways.

OB Complete gold comes in a softgel that can be taken one time daily. This complete formula includes highly soluble forms of vitamins and minerals. It contains no sugar, lactose or gluten.

The supplement vitamin can be stored in a small, convenient container. This supplement vitamin is convenient for busy moms. It provides useful information and discounts on refills. OB Complete gold is a prescription-prenatal vitamin. Ask your healthcare provider for a free trial.

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